Henderson Co., TX

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Latitude: 32.1532156, Longitude: -94.7993802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cobb, Eldon Lee  15 Aug 1926Henderson Co., TX I7032
2 Cotten, Robert Preston  3 Apr 1889Henderson Co., TX I1615
3 Cotten, Rosa Virginia  8 Jan 1890Henderson Co., TX I1616
4 Cotten, Ruthie Kathryn  5 Apr 1892Henderson Co., TX I1617
5 Glasgow, Robert William "Pat" Jr.  24 Jan 1930Henderson Co., TX I12946
6 Hodge, Dr. James Clarence  21 Oct 1852Henderson Co., TX I10416
7 Lewis, Lacy M "Tannie"  24 Jun 1878Henderson Co., TX I14113
8 Martin, Joseph Allen  29 Jul 1866Henderson Co., TX I1178
9 Miller, Sidney Louise  11 Sep 1902Henderson Co., TX I14309
10 Mitcham, Albert Anderson  24 Nov 1890Henderson Co., TX I4360
11 Mitcham, Albert Jerry  Oct 1874Henderson Co., TX I1255
12 Mitcham, Anna  Abt 1866Henderson Co., TX I1258
13 Mitcham, Arrina  Abt 1849Henderson Co., TX I1249
14 Mitcham, Arthur G  30 Oct 1858Henderson Co., TX I955
15 Mitcham, Bettie Laura  19 Feb 1886Henderson Co., TX I4364
16 Mitcham, Charles L  21 Jan 1872Henderson Co., TX I636
17 Mitcham, Daisy Joyce  14 Apr 1925Henderson Co., TX I10482
18 Mitcham, George Jackson  11 Jul 1862Henderson Co., TX I1253
19 Mitcham, Harry Reed  20 Sep 1902Henderson Co., TX I10494
20 Mitcham, James Alfred  24 Nov 1890Henderson Co., TX I4357
21 Mitcham, John Dunklin  6 Dec 1907Henderson Co., TX I2323
22 Mitcham, Mabel Frances  13 Jan 1919Henderson Co., TX I893
23 Mitcham, Margaret A  Abt 1859Henderson Co., TX I1251
24 Mitcham, Mary Ann  18 Oct 1889Henderson Co., TX I6038
25 Mitcham, Mary D  7 Jan 1863Henderson Co., TX I638
26 Mitcham, Sarah "Sallie" Jane  28 Oct 1853Henderson Co., TX I956
27 Mitcham, William Elijah  29 Jul 1869Henderson Co., TX I48
28 Mitcham, William George "Willie G"  18 Jan 1869Henderson Co., TX I639
29 Mitcham, William Henry  Abt 1856Henderson Co., TX I1250
30 Murphy, Josephine  24 Jan 1887Henderson Co., TX I1605
31 Pilkington, Mallie Leona  4 Apr 1895Henderson Co., TX I16217
32 Price, Sarah Etta  10 Dec 1862Henderson Co., TX I1656
33 Racker, John Christian  28 May 1895Henderson Co., TX I12987
34 Ramsey, Mattie Carl  20 Mar 1877Henderson Co., TX I1265
35 Selman, Jesse J  4 May 1918Henderson Co., TX I12972
36 Tanner, John S  9 Oct 1869Henderson Co., TX I6259
37 Teague, Abner Mathis "Abbie"  12 Jul 1856Henderson Co., TX I9560
38 Teague, James Thomas  1859Henderson Co., TX I9419
39 Thomas, Jesse Clyde  15 Nov 1909Henderson Co., TX I12990
40 Young, Sarah Elizabeth  22 Nov 1846Henderson Co., TX I7337


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anding, Warren A. "Rance"  11 May 1914Henderson Co., TX I15443
2 Clark, James Abner  6 Dec 1917Henderson Co., TX I15431
3 Clark, James Thomas  28 Sep 1922Henderson Co., TX I13612
4 Clark, Mary Ann  16 Apr 1911Henderson Co., TX I15439
5 Clark, Micajah Mormal  24 Jan 1884Henderson Co., TX I15436
6 Cotten, Charles K  17 Aug 1862Henderson Co., TX I480
7 Cotten, Martha  23 Oct 1855Henderson Co., TX I490
8 Cotton, Martha Malinda  Bef 1880Henderson Co., TX I260
9 Davis, Margaret  19 Oct 1881Henderson Co., TX I16494
10 Derden, James Monroe  1872Henderson Co., TX I13343
11 Derden, Perry Ernest  28 Aug 1984Henderson Co., TX I15361
12 Henderson, Nannie May  31 Oct 1987Henderson Co., TX I15365
13 Hodge, Dr. James Clarence  4 Sep 1926Henderson Co., TX I10416
14 Hodge, Rev Robert Hickman Jr.  1 Nov 1866Henderson Co., TX I10414
15 Jackson, Mary Ann  1872Henderson Co., TX I392
16 Mahan, Rutha Elizabeth  27 Nov 1878Henderson Co., TX I481
17 Mitcham, Asbury Garet  16 Jan 1880Henderson Co., TX I259
18 Mitcham, Charles L  8 Feb 1884Henderson Co., TX I636
19 Mitcham, Elizabeth Jain  22 Dec 1860Henderson Co., TX I395
20 Mitcham, George Wesley  2 Feb 1990Henderson Co., TX I13621
21 Mitcham, Rev. Hezekiah  3 Dec 1865Henderson Co., TX I261
22 Mitcham, Jack Alexander  29 Sep 1970Henderson Co., TX I13620
23 Mitcham, Mary D  9 Dec 1941Henderson Co., TX I638
24 Mitcham, William Elijah  13 Oct 1921Henderson Co., TX I48
25 Moore, Mary Delilah  17 Feb 1887Henderson Co., TX I3439
26 Murrell, Alfred  Henderson Co., TX I15423
27 Parker, John  23 Nov 1917Henderson Co., TX I5548
28 Reed, Louis  7 Jun 1857Henderson Co., TX I1299
29 Rogers, Sarah Ada  6 May 1977Henderson Co., TX I12963
30 Young, Mary Elizabeth  9 May 1916Henderson Co., TX I437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1860Henderson Co., TX I382
2 Elizabeth  1870Henderson Co., TX I382
3 Burke, Francis E  1880Henderson Co., TX I635
4 Butler, Sarah Elizabeth  1880Henderson Co., TX I14273
5 Clarke, Mary  1870Henderson Co., TX I262
6 Cooper, Gladys Barnes  1930Henderson Co., TX I1020
7 Cotten, Alexander Black  1860Henderson Co., TX I1591
8 Cotten, Charles K  1860Henderson Co., TX I480
9 Cotten, Charles Mahan  1860Henderson Co., TX I1596
10 Cotten, David Crawford  1860Henderson Co., TX I1593
11 Cotten, James T  1860Henderson Co., TX I1589
12 Cotten, Rial M  1860Henderson Co., TX I1594
13 Cotten, Rial M  1870Henderson Co., TX I1594
14 Cotten, Rutha E  1860Henderson Co., TX I1599
15 Cox, Talitha  1870Henderson Co., TX I1595
16 Dixon, James N  1880Henderson Co., TX I16110
17 Dixon, Judge Legrand Jr.  1880Henderson Co., TX I14276
18 Dixon, Judge Legrande  1880Henderson Co., TX I14269
19 Dixon, Willis  1880Henderson Co., TX I16112
20 Melton, Dr. Robert D  1900Henderson Co., TX I957
21 Mitcham, Albert Jerry  1880Henderson Co., TX I1255
22 Mitcham, Arthur Fletcher  1880Henderson Co., TX I1256
23 Mitcham, Charles L  1880Henderson Co., TX I636
24 Mitcham, George J  1880Henderson Co., TX I387
25 Mitcham, Georgia E  1880Henderson Co., TX I384
26 Mitcham, Rev. Hezekiah  1850Henderson Co., TX I261
27 Mitcham, James Arthur  1850Henderson Co., TX I385
28 Mitcham, James Arthur  1870Henderson Co., TX I385
29 Mitcham, James M  1880Henderson Co., TX I640
30 Mitcham, Mary D  1880Henderson Co., TX I638
31 Mitcham, William Elijah  1870Henderson Co., TX I48
32 Mitcham, William Elijah  1880Henderson Co., TX I48
33 Mitcham, William Elijah  1920Henderson Co., TX I48
34 Mitcham, William Fletcher  1880Henderson Co., TX I386
35 Reagan, George Leonard  1930Henderson Co., TX I1018
36 Reagan, Philip Weaver  1930Henderson Co., TX I1844
37 Reagan, Quida M  1930Henderson Co., TX I11241
38 Swanson, Emma Cordelia  1880Henderson Co., TX I6031


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anding / Clark  12 Dec 1867Henderson Co., TX F5672
2 Bennett / Gallemore  24 Feb 1870Henderson Co., TX F4804
3 Birdwell / Mitcham  14 Sep 1898Henderson Co., TX F2271
4 Criswell / Cotten  1 Oct 1922Henderson Co., TX F578
5 Lee / Cotten  8 Feb 1872Henderson Co., TX F570
6 McManus / Mezzles  26 Mar 1874Henderson Co., TX F3240
7 Mitcham / Brewer  18 Sep 1897Henderson Co., TX F167
8 Mitcham / Evans  11 Nov 1880Henderson Co., TX F3711
9 Mitcham / Jackson  9 Mar 1873Henderson Co., TX F444
10 Mitcham / Kimbrough  26 May 1889Henderson Co., TX F5677
11 Shelton / Anding  4 Oct 1860Henderson Co., TX F5674