1842 - 1863

Following John Vaughan's death,  in 1858 Nancy stated in a revolutionary pension affidavit that after her marriage she and her husband resided in the State of Virginia six years and then they moved from the State of Virginia about the year 1800 and came to Hawkins county Tennessee.  She added that they settled on or near Clinch River some 5 or 6 miles from where she was living in '58 (with a daughter) in Hawkins County–(changed to Hancock County, Tennessee), on the land, and in the house, Samuel Vaughan had inherited.

She said, “…We lived there all the while until about 16 years before his (John’s) death which was in the year 1842.”  She said that in …about 1826 her husband bought land on the other side of Clinch mountain, and they moved to another house where he lived till the day of his death, the 14th day of July 1842. 

Significance of the 1842 date was also apparent to the remaining sons who must have surely carved the date of 1842 into the timbers in the interior of the home. This mark is still visible today.

Census records show that from at least 1850, Samuel and Malvina Vaughan (Church) lived in the Vaughan Homestead.  Fifth son, Carter Vaughan was born in the home in early January of 1849. He would later inherit the home following Samuel's death in 1863.  Samuel is buried in the family cemetery in a marked grave not far from the home.

Mabel Harp with her Great Great Grandparents
Samuel N Vaughan and Malvina Vaughan (Church).
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