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6851 with sisters and son George W Selman, Ebenezer D "Ebb" (I2764)
6852 with son C.B. Glasgow and family Glasgow, James Fleming (I8271)
6853 With son Elijah Cunningham, Ransom (I435)
6854 with son James in 1880 Gallagher, Tempa "Tempy" (I2404)
6855 with son Pinkney Childress, Missouri A (I4666)
6856 With son, James B Todd, Elizabeth (I2699)
6857 With the death of Samuel Alexander Vaughan, 88, at his home, 1016 South Montgomery, passed the last of the Confederate veterans living in Sherman, Texas.

It was in 1864 before Mr. Vaughan saw his first service in the civil war as a member of the Bay Springs home guards under Captain Stokes Roberts, Major George, and Colonel Moreland's regiment of reserve scouts. The first skirmish which Mr. Vaughan was in was at Burnt Mills, Mississippi and soon after he was engaged in battle at Freedom Hills, Alabama. He later helped to chase carpetbaggers out of the section. Although he was only l4 years old, he served until the end of the Civil War and was honorably discharged when the regiment disbanded at Iuka Mississippi in May, 1865.

Mr. Vaughan was born January 25, 1850, near Fayetteville, Tennessee, and in 1853 moved with his parents to Iuka, Mississippi. He left his home in November of 1870 and came to Texas, arriving at Kentuckytown on December 15th. He came in a part of two covered wagons drawn by two oxen and a horse. As the educational facilities were poor he attended school in the only Church, the Campbellite, in Kentuckytown and paid $1.50 tuition and 15 cents for building upkeep. The teacher was Jim German.

Mr. Vaughan quit school and went to work driving a herd up the Chisholm Trail to Kansas. In 1871, he helped drive 1,500 steer over the Chisholm Trail, starting from the San Marcos River. He went as far as Fort Gibson in the Indian Territory, but became sick with chills and fever so bad he had to return home. That herd that was taken north was believed to be the last big herd to go through Sherman.

In March, 1872, he was married to Miss Nannie Bell Mathis, daughter of Bill Mathis, who lived on a farm near Kentuckytown, with the exception of nine years in Hunt County, until they moved to Sherman in 1911. It was only last March 25, 1936, that Mr. and Mrs.Vaughan celebrated the sixty sixth anniversary of their marriage.

The couple had nine children: Charlie R., Will F., E.E. (Gene), Callie, G. Ed, H.V. (Vince), Mac N., Estella B. and Samuel Benton.

He was a member of the First Baptist Church and the pastor, Dr. J.A. Ellis, officiated at his funeral.

Taken from The Sherman Democrat newspaper, July 5, 1938 and notes from Donna Hunt

Vaughan, Samuel Alexander (I343)
6858 With Uncle James M. Cranford and Aunt Almeta Lollar  O'Rear, Mary "Clare" (I14836)
6859 with wife Iola, and daughter Dessie Coplin, George Bunyan (I722)
6860 with wife Mary Dixon, Charles Edward (I16090)
6861 Without fuss or feathers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knaus observed Tuesday,
their Golden Wedding anniversary.

They spent the day at their home at 405 Park Street much as though it were any other day.
However, their, thoughts went back to Oct 17. 1900 in Taylor county.

It was there, at the home of her father, A. Young, that Omino Young became the bride of Frank Knaus.
There was nothing formal about the ceremony, just a good old fashioned wedding with
the Rev. Trimble, Methodist minister, tying a knot that both parties intended to keep tied.

Mrs. Knaus had come to Taylor county from Comanche when she was yet a girl and she met Mr. Knaus
only a couple of years before they were married. Mr. Knaus. came with his family to Taylor county
before there was any Abilene.

Even though he was but a small boy, he remembered how the railroad stopped at Fort Worth as it
poised for another westward jump. People there were moaning low because they thought extension
of the railroad would ruin Fort Worth.

As most pioneer men did, Mr. Knaus became adept at farming and ranching, served as a cowhand
and drove freight wagons.

Later he and Mrs. Knaus settled down on a small ranch near Abilene before they moved here in February of 1923.
Until ill health forced his retirement, he was active as a water well drilling contractor.

The Knauses had four children born to them. Mrs. Irene Orenbaum and Mrs. Inez Roden of Odessa are the daughters. The two sons, Ira Knaus and Ike Knaus both are deceased.

Neither Mr. or Mrs. Knaus have any special recipe for remaining happily married for 50 years. Nothing
unusual about it so far as they are concerned.

Big Spring Herald
October 18, 1950
Knaus, Frank (I15534)
6862 Witness on Aunt Susie T. Anderson's pension claim
Hood, Beulah Fay (I10801)
6863 Wm. P. Hardin is next found on the 1860 census Pike Co. AR with 2nd wife Mary, widow of Abner Harrison of Saline Co. AR. Hardin, William P (I10334)

William R. Holloway, aged 77
years, died at the family home,
817 South Eighteenth and One-
Half street, late Thursday night.
The funeral rites will be held
from the chapel of the Corley Funeral
Home Friday afternoon at
4:30 o'clock. Interment will be
made in the Hamilton cemetery.

The rites will be conducted by
Revs. Joe E. Glenn and Raymond
Goff, Baptist ministers.

He had resided in Corsicana
for 50 years.

Surviving are his wife, two sons,
Claud and Robert Holloway, both
of Corsicana; a daughter, Mrs. D.
J. (Dock) Martin, Corsicana; four
brothers, Price Holloway, Corsicana;
Frank Holloway, Plalnvlew;
Elmer Holloway, Winters, and Arthur
Holloway, Corsicana; a sister,
Mrs. Joe Magness, Corsicana,
and other relatives.

Corsicana Daily Sun
May 27, 1938 
Holloway, William Richard (I1490)
6865 Wood County Democrat - May 23, 1957 
Mezzles, Sarah Josephine (I4845)
6866 Woodfin, William R.

Regiment Name:
32nd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Soldier's Rank In:
Soldier's Rank Out:
Alternate name:
Film Number:
M231 roll 48 
Woodfin, William R (I50)
6867 Workplace: Slayden-Kirksey Woolen Mill

By 1898 Waco's Kirksey Woolen Mills was among the largest in the south, and the city had ice plants, grain elevators, flour mills, foundries, boiler plants, and bottling works. 
Miles, James W (I29)
6868 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Herbert Howell Husbands
City: Not Stated
County: Hunt
State: Texas
Birthplace: Greenville, Texas;United States of America
Birth Date: 30 Nov 1891
Race: White
Occupation:farmer, myself, Nichols Farm
Nearest Relative: wife & one child
Height/Build: tall/stout
Color of Eyes/Hair:brown, black
Deficent sight in one eye

Home in 1920: Justice Precinct 1, Hunt, Texas
Hewell H Husbands 29
Clisla Husbands 30
Elouise Husbands 6
Howell Husbands 2 7/12 
Husbands, Herbert Howell (I4215)
6869 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Elbert Featheston Mitcham
Birth Date:
28 Oct 1894
Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number:
Mitcham, Elbert F (I10450)
6870 World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas
Name: Joe R Vaughan
Inducted From: Texas
Rank: Sergeant
Combat Organization: 31st Infantry Regiment
Death Date: 12 Apr 1942
Monument: Fort William McKinley, Manila, The Philippines
Last Known Status: Missing
U.S. Awards: Bronze Star Medal  
Vaughan, Joe R (I8902)
6871 Writer Loses Race
With Death to Son

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 15.—(U.R>—
Russell Birdwell, prominent publicist
and writer, today mourned the
loss of his only son, Russell. Jr., 22,
after losing a race against death that
brought him here iom New York.
Russell, Jr., underwent a major
operation last Friday to correct a
chronc ailment. Birdwell, Sr.,
boarded a plane immediately after
learning his son's condition was
critical, only to be informed of his
death upon arrival.

Oakland Tribune
August 15, 1946 
Birdwell, Russell J Jr. (I10406)
6872 WWII
Mitcham, Joseph Nathan (I1649)
6873 Year: 1830 State: Alabama County: Dallas
Page No: 78 Reel no: M19-2 Division: Southern
Sheet No: 78A&B Enumerated by: Wm. Huddleston
Transcribed by J. Hugh LeBaron for USGenWeb,

HEADER KEY: PG=Page, SH=Sheet, M=Males, F=Females, SL.=Slaves, TOT.=Totals
78 78A&B 1 Benjamin Adams 6 4 6 16
78 78A&B 2 Samuel G. Norris 3 4 2 9
78 78A&B 3 Green Johnson 4 2 3 9
78 78A&B 4 B. Hayeswood 5 3 0 8
78 78A&B 5 Matthew Wilson 2 3 0 5
78 78A&B 6 Henry McElroy 2 4 0 6
78 78A&B 7 A. G. W. Clayton 1 1 0 2
78 78A&B 8 S. H. Taylor 2 3 5 10
78 78A&B 9 T. L. Bunyard 3 2 0 5

78 78A&B 10 Simpson Gorman 4 2 0 6

78 78A&B 11 T. M. Brunson 2 1 1 4
78 78A&B 12 John G. Raines 2 1 0 3
78 78A&B 13 James Digman 2 3 0 5
78 78A&B 14 Lewis, Sen Ethridge 1 1 5 7
78 78A&B 15 Nathan Ethridge 4 4 0 8
78 78A&B 16 John Ethridge 5 4 0 9
78 78A&B 17 James Williams 4 7 3 14
78 78A&B 18 John T. Greening 3 3 34 40
78 78A&B 19 Thomas T. Guy 3 2 0 5
78 78A&B 20 Lewis, Jun Ethridge 4 1 0 5
78 78A&B 21 Patrick Gardner 3 3 0 6
78 78A&B 22 Samuel Ethridge 3 7 0 10
78 78A&B 23 R. W. Gayle 3 2 8 13
78 78A&B 24 John Casey 2 1 0 3
78 78A&B 25 Daniel McKashel 2 1 0 3
78 78A&B 26 John Pegues 1 0 7 8
78 78A&B 27 Jeremiah Mitchell 6 3 3 12
78 78A&B 28 Matthew McMillan 4 1 1 6


Under five years of age. 1
Of five and under ten. 2
Of ten and under fifteen.
Of fifteen and under twenty.
Of twenty and under thirty. 1
Of thirty and under forty.
Of forty and under fifty.
Of fifty and under sixty.
Of sixty and under seventy.
Of seventy and under eighty.
Of eighty and under ninety.
Of ninety and under one hundred.
Of one hundred and upwards.

Under five years of age. 1
Of five and under ten.
Of ten and under fifteen.
Of fifteen and under twenty.
Of twenty and under thirty. 1
Of thirty and under forty.
Of forty and under fifty.
Of fifty and under sixty.
Of sixty and under seventy.
Of seventy and under eighty.
Of eighty and under ninety.
Of ninety and under one hundred.
Of one hundred and upwards. 
Gorman, Simpson (I491)
6874 [1840, 1845, 1850 see Murray, Georgia for census listings] Harwell, Catherine (I533)
6875 [Jacob Büchel (Bickel) a baker "zu Massenbachausen" is listed as the father in the Lutheran church
records of Schwaigern, Weurtemberg, Germany. Schwaigern and Massenbachausen are each only about 2-3
miles from Massenbach. Anna Barbara's father is listed as Caspar Burckhardt from Ochsenburg. I think
this may possibly be an error because Ochsenburg is in Hesse a considerable distance away, and
Ochsenbach is only about 8-10 miles from Massenbach. The information was taken from transcribed
rather that original records.] 
Bickel, Johannes Pauli (I946)
6876 [The death of Peregrine White’s oldest daughter Sarah White Young was noted in the Boston Weekly News-Letter for Friday 29 August 1755 with reference to Peregrine :]

"Saturday August 9th died at Scituate, in the 92d Year of her Age, Mrs. Sarah Young, the virtuous Widow of Mr. Thomas Young, and eldest Daughter of That Mr. Peregrine White of Marshfield, who was the First Born English Child in New-England : Being Son of William and Susannah White, born on board the Ship in Cape-Cod Harbour, in the latter Part of Nov. 1620, in which Governor Carver and the Rest of our Plimouth Planters came to New-England, before the Ship left said Harbour and set sail for said Plimouth. Said Peregrine White liv’d in great Health and Vigour to the 84th Year of his Age, when a Fever carried Him off on July 22, 1704, as our News-Letter soon after inform’d the Publick : And this his Eldest Daughter was Born at Marshfield in Oct. 1663, enjoy’d her Senses and Health in good measure, till towards her End, and left four Sons surviving. Two observable Instances of the Long Lives of the very first and second Race of Children born in this happy Country."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 24, p. 128-129. 
White, Sarah (I6719)
6877 ”Carl Descendants”, paragraph 4: "I'm descended from John and Rosanna Summit Swank's son Jacob Swank who married Elizabeth Van Meter and had David Swank who married Amanda Miller and had Mary Elizabeth Swank who married John H. Carl and had Edward Miller Carl, Sr. who married Euna Ellerfair Posey and had my father, Edward Miller Carl, Jr. who married Mercy Ramsey and had me and my two sisters.".

More on Euna....from Charlotte's site. 
Posey, Euna Ellerfair (I2661)

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