Isaac Vann

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Isaac Vann was born 1792 (son of John Oowayne Vann and Mary Cherokee); died 1837.

    Isaac — Louvenia Schrimsher. [Group Sheet]

    1. Delilah Vann

    Isaac — Cherokee. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John Oowayne Vann was born Abt 1760 (son of John Cherokee Vann).


    John Oowanna Vann
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    1) John Oowanna Vann

    In March, 1830, "a half-breed woman named Vann about 60 years old" fell from the steamboat "Reindeer" near the junction of the White and Arkansas Rivers and drowned (cited by Grant Foreman, INDIAN REMOVAL, p. 231 from the Arkansas Gazette of 4/27/1830). 76 years later, a descendant named Lemuel Parris recounted this same story about his great-grand grandmother, Mrs. John Oowanna Vann, in his application (#3636) to the Eastern Cherokee Roll (also called Guion Miller Roll). Lemuel Parris and several other applicants were descendants of a Cherokee named John Oowanna Vann (born ca. 1765) and his wife Mary (ca.1770-1830), who resided in the Sweetwater Valley, TN. In July, 1817 their son Isaac Vann registered a "reservation" or 640-acre tract of land there as part of a treaty between the U.S. and Cherokees in that year. Isaac married a white woman named Louvenia Schrimsher in 1818, whose brothers Jonathan Schrimsher and William Schrimsher married Isaac Vann's sisters Edith and Rebecca Vann. The parents of Louenia, Jonathan, and William were John Schrimsher (87 years old in 1837) and wife Mary ( 78 years old) [Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, RG 75, Entry 229, Reservation Claim Papers, 1837-1839, claim # 13, Isaac Vann]. The other children of John Oowanna Vann and Mary were Mary Vann (m. William Burgess, mixed-blood Cherokee), Lucinda Vann (m. Lemuel Childress, a white man), Edward Vann (m. Mary Watts, Cherokee), Catherine Vann (m. a Creek Indian, perhaps named McIntosh), and Nellie Vann (m. a man named McIntosh and John Monroe Brady) (based on a number of Eastern Cherokee applications and the 1851 Old Settlers Roll).

    After the Treaty of 1828, a number of Cherokees and persons with Cherokee spouses, emigrated to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), including John Oowanna Vann and several of his offspring and in-laws, including: John Vann, Sr., Isaac Vann, Elizabeth McIntosh (nee Vann), John McIntosh, John [Jonathan] Schrimsher, William Schrimsher, and William Burgess (RG 75, Entry 220, Emmigration Rolls, 1817-1838). Perhaps the unfortunate drowned Mrs. Vann in 1830 had gone out to Indian Territory earlier to scout out the land for her husband. These travellers and their descendants became known as "Old Settlers".

    John — Mary Cherokee. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary Cherokee
    1. Edith Vann was born 1798.
    2. Rebecca Vann was born 1800.
    3. Edward Vann was born Abt 1802; died Abt 1851, CA.
    4. Nellie Vann was born Abt 1805; died Aft 1851.
    5. Nancy Vann was born Abt 1796; died Bef 1850.
    6. 1. Isaac Vann was born 1792; died 1837.
    7. Mary Vann was born 1794; died Abt 1850.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Cherokee Vann was born Abt 1746, Eastern Tennessee (son of John "Trader" Vann and Sister of Elizabeth Hop Raven); died Abt 1805.

    Other Events:

    • Occupation: Translator - Appointed 1770 by Alexander Cameron

    1. 2. John Oowayne Vann was born Abt 1760.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John "Trader" Vann was born 1715 (son of John Vann and Cherokee woman of the Anikowi Deer Clan); died 1770.

    John married Sister of Elizabeth Hop Raven Abt 1746. Sister (daughter of A Nu Wa Gi Moytoy, daughter of A Nu Wa Gi Moytoy) was born 1726; died Aft Mar 14 1819. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Sister of Elizabeth Hop Raven was born 1726 (daughter of A Nu Wa Gi Moytoy, daughter of A Nu Wa Gi Moytoy); died Aft Mar 14 1819.
    1. 4. John Cherokee Vann was born Abt 1746, Eastern Tennessee; died Abt 1805.