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John William Childress

This is my CHILDRESS dead end. Of all the names in my database, this is perhaps the biggest mystery for me. Unfortunately, I know more about 9th cousins than I do my own GGG Father here. What is known: * Married Minerva Cranford about 1845 in AL. * Born abt 1820 in Walker Co or Morgan Co, AL * Served in Capt Teels Co in the Civil War, Tx State Troops * Died in 1871 and reportedly buried in Kosse, TX Another clue was a "JAMES" Childress living in the same household in the 1850 Walker CO, AL Census. He was 60. This most likely is John William's Father. ANY help or connections, please contact me. Tim Childress
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John Wright

This picture was located in a photo box in the family. No clue here. Name written in pencil on folder. "John Wright" Class of 1931
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