Today in History
Hannah Pierson - 1715
David Lesueur - 1738
Edward Parkson Conner - 1832
Mary M Sumner - 1844
Basil Manly Phifer - 1856
Emily Jane Vann - 1858
Eliza Frances Wilson - 1861
Willie L Fargason - 1866
Jimmie Edwards - 1881
Newt Ellison Gary - 1894
Othal Alvin Tate - 1896
Claude Vernon Wyatt - 1917
Sidney Floy Garner - 1918
A J Vaughan - 1925
George Pat Rambo - 1934
Ronnie James Brummet - 1947

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James Thomas Childress and Annie Miles

Welcome Cousins and Friends!

Welcome to Childress Cousins! This site was created on March 9, 2009 and is dedicated to Juanita Mitcham my grandmother. Please look around and let me hear from you. There is a heavy emphasis on the following Surnames: Childress, Reagan, Gorman, Vaughan, Martin, Lesueur, Tate, Glasgow and others. This site is constantly changing as new and updated information is located.

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I have posted all the info and pictures that I have on each person here...If I have it, it's posted. So if you don't see it posted here, I don't have it :))

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections about the information on this site, I'd love to hear from you. - Tim Childress


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July 25 2015
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